A simple echo service

For some testing, I needed a simple HTTP server which would print headers that my client is sending (and some headers added by my proxy). I had written a simple HTTP server in python which did exactly what I wanted, and added it to python container from dockerhub.


This is fun project for the weekend; a simple DNS relay server that can do wildcard DNS resolution for IP Addresses. Like xip.io, but with a small change. This supports hyphens in addition to dots.

Kubernetes architecture

Kubernetes is fairly simple to install and configure. All you would need is few VMs with docker (or rkt) installed. Once you understand the needed components to get the system read, orchestrating them to sit at right place can be done in many ways.

k8s on AWS

Been long time that I wrote anything remotely useful for others. Thought to change that by writing about a tool that I have been using a lot lately - Kubernetes, an awesome container orchestration tool

Kubernetes with minikube

Minikube is the easiest way to get yourself a dev friendly kubernetes setup. You can get download it from here and get yourself a kubernetes node by doing just minikube start

re init

It has been a long time I wrote anything or tried something new here. My domain started to look like an abandoned city. So, I’m re-initing it now with something much simpler combination of hugo and Github pages.

About me

I’m Karteek. I would love to call myself a technology enthusiast and a philomath (a seeker of knowledge and facts). And, this is the place where I’m trying to document my journey of my learnings. As I’m a techie working for a technology company, my learnings end up mostly being about technology. And much less about exciting adventures. I solve problems professionally and for fun. I enjoy programming challenges from ProjectEuler and more recently from HackerRank.